The Big Difference

What makes KC Window Cleaners so different?

We are Kansas City’s one and two story window cleaning specialists!

Which means you and all of our current clients across the KC Metro area can benefit from the advantages of:

  • higher quality with lower costs
  • rapid turnaround times and quick service delivery
  • ultra fast scheduling and same-day service
  • more reliable and efficient service

Work with KC’s 1-2 story window cleaning specialist and you’ll eliminate all of the overhead you don’t need to pay for that comes with hiring a high-rise window cleaning crew to take care of:

  • hard to reach windows inside a residence or outside of your home
  • retail storefronts, strip mall and single-story business buildings
  • builders and realtors who need quick window cleaning service for an opening or showing
  • clients who appreciate affordable quality from a local KC company

kansas city commercial window cleaning services

Think about it!

Would you hire these guys lug this to your house?

Do you really need to pay for all of this equipment and rigging just to keep your restaurant or convenience store windows sparkling clean?

commercial window cleaning services


Wouldn’t it be great to only pay for what you need and get the great home town service you deserve?

Just think, in the time it takes to get on their schedule or just get a quick quote from them to compare,

…we could already be done with your windows!


So do yourself a favor and call, email us or schedule your window cleaning service online today.

You’ll see how fast and easy it is to work with KC’s favorite: KC Window Cleaners!